WXL Coaching was set up by me, Wyn Lewis, to deliver business and personal coaching to people, teams and groups who want to change, do better and excel at work and in their personal lives.

As a coach, my role is to help you personally, or you and your colleagues in teams and groups, to focus and work out where you are in your work and life and where you want to get to instead.

I was trained by Barefoot Coaching and am externally supervised. I also have my own coach. I’m a registered ICF coach and am governed by its ethics and standards. I’ve held an NLP diploma since 2014 and have been an accredited TCM workplace mediator since 2011. I’ve been an employment lawyer since 1985, with many years’ experience in multinational law firms, now working as a Partner at gunnercooke LLP and recognised in Spear’s 500.

After almost 35 years as a lawyer, having lived and worked in Germany, Hong Kong and the UK and having travelled extensively, I have a wealth of business, commercial, legal and life experience to bring to my coaching.


Coaching is about getting people, teams and groups:

  • to think better and think differently
  • to be more open and curious and to make decisions that, as a result, are more informed and effective
  • to identify and achieve their professional and personal goals, solutions and strategies
  • to maximise their effectiveness, performance and potential
  • to increase job satisfaction
  • to take action now that takes you and your colleagues:
  • from where you are
  • to where you want to be instead
  • to achieve something significant that you really, really, really want

As a coach I challenge, chide, facilitate, guide, inspire, laugh with, listen, provoke, question and support you.


If you’re an individual, there will be one initial meeting to see if we would be a good fit working together. That initial meeting is a confidential 1-2-1. Assuming we agree to coach together, there will then be:

  • a coaching agreement that sets out a framework for the coaching programme for 3, 6 or 13 months
  • an initial thoughts document as a stimulus for the first coaching conversation

The rest of the coaching relationship focuses on you and is tailored to you

If you’re an organisation looking for a coach for one or more of your staff, there are often two initial meetings: one with a team or group leader or budget holder to discuss business expectations and the business case for coaching; and a separate confidential 1-2-1 with each person being coached. Assuming we agree to coach, there will then be:

  • a coaching agreement that sets out a framework for:
    –   a one-off coaching project
    –   a coaching programme for 3, 6 or 13 months
  • an initial thoughts document to explore deliverables, expectations and goals

The rest of the coaching relationship focuses on your staff, team or group and is tailored to your brief.


Coaching is more than just a cosy chat. It involves people:

  • doing exercises
  • doing homework
  • doing things differently
  • thinking about who you are, what you want, how you work, when you want to do things
  • being honest
  • being uncomfortable (but in a good way)
  • being committed and willing to do all of the above

The role of the coach is to stimulate ideas and thoughts, and say things that colleagues and friends may not.

You are the only person who can make you do the things you (don’t) want to do.


How long is a piece of string? Typically, coaching can include talking about such things as:

  • ambition | anxiety | autonomy | accountability
  • business development
  • career guidance | career management | confidence | conflicts | change | coaching others | CVs
  • decision-making
  • employed to self-employed status | being an expert
  • first 100 days in a new job | fitting in
  • group-working
  • independence
  • leadership
  • managing yourself | managing colleagues | managing change | making a difference | mentoring
  • interview skills
  • networking | new job | new job – the first 100 days
  • perfectionism | procrastination | presentation skills | productivity | promotion
  • redundancy | resilience | returning to work after a break | relationships within work | responsibility
  • stuck in a rut
  • team-working | time management
  • work-life balance

A coaching relationship can change during each coaching programme.

Your focus will probably change during a coaching programme – and that’s fine.


The cost of Coaching is much less than the value of Coaching.

For individuals:

  • The cost for the first 2 coaching sessions for each individual each calendar year is whatever you would like to donate per coaching session to WXL Coaching’s chosen charity (Dementia UK) via justgiving.com
  • The cost for all subsequent coaching provided by WXL Coaching each calendar year is subject to discussion and payable by reference to a coaching programme lasting 3 months, 6 months or 13 months

For organisations:

  • The cost of Coaching is subject to discussion and is calculated as follows:
    – payment per coaching programme lasting 3 months, 6 months or 13 months for an individual;
    – payment per coaching project for a one-off team or group session
    plus in each of the situations mentioned above:
    – a contribution of whatever your organisation would like to donate by way of CSR to WXL Coaching’s chosen charity (Dementia UK ) via justgiving.com.

Don’t be tempted to measure the cost of coaching by time spent. Instead, think of coaching as a chance to work on you, your team, your group and your colleagues achieving a goal that might not be achieved without coaching.


2020 – Mark – Creative Entrepreneur / Photographer

As a creative entrepreneur, I have had the luxury of building my business from the ground up. Though I attained a solid position within the market, I felt there was a way to achieve even more, and as such, I started working with Wyn Lewis. Wyn was able to quickly ascertain where the sticking points were within my business and helped me weed out some of the emotional attachment I’d built up and make clearer decisions with regard to the structure of my business. Based on my work with Wyn, I successfully identified the next phase of my business and in August-November of this year, created one of the biggest projects my firm has done, confidently knowing that I had the right team and skillset to deliver. Thank you, Wyn for the guidance.

2021 – Judy – M.Sc., FCIPD – Senior HR Professional

I have known and worked with Wyn over many years, a key reason for that being that he inspires confidence and trust.  Wyn takes the trouble to listen and seeks clear understanding of the individuals and organisations he engages with, along with the challenge being presented.  He has extensive knowledge not just of the law, but of how businesses and people work which makes him a great coach and mentor, always delivering pragmatic advice, guidance and support.  I trust Wyn to get it right and in the right way.

2019 – Simone – Media Professional

Prior to my sessions starting with Wyn, I was quite nonchalant about whether coaching would make any difference to my situation. What Wyn made me realise was that for every big dream achieved, it starts with one baby step. And though we are quick to overlook those small steps, Wyn also made me realise the importance of giving oneself a pat on the back after those small achievements as this can do wonders for you psychologically and mentally. When the smallest step might seem insurmountable on those bad days, Wyn will go one step further and by mutual agreement, will send you that reminder text, much like a nudge, to get you up and running. My to-do list is the proverbial arm’s length x 2, but with Wyn help, I have managed to cross a few things off. Like the world’s finest athletes who all need that push or encouragement to persevere when things seem daunting, I find that Wyn has the tools & the temperament to tweak my approach so that I can see positive changes, and though I am a work-in-progress, I am certainly getting there!

2019 – Beatrice – Public Relations Professional

At the start, I felt stuck, unsure where to take my career post children. I was trying to work out what was important to me. Wyn has been excellent in helping me to work out a way forward and actually in restoring my confidence in my own decision-making. I feel that as a result I am in a much better place. Thank you.

2018 – AB – Solicitor

I started seeing Wyn when I was skirting burnout and feeling very ready to move out of my current job. I knew the options before me and the limitations I faced, and I needed someone with the requisite distance to help me think through them in a structured way. Wyn fitted the bill perfectly. I found Wyn’s method to be just right: pushing one to consider all options thoroughly, and from all angles – from the big picture to the everyday - but always gentle and supportive, and using a variety of techniques. He also draws on a wealth of relevant experience from his career as an employment lawyer. Wyn is a terrific listener and remembers even minor details of conversations from weeks prior, so you get the sense that he is someone who is genuinely invested in you. Thanks to Wyn, I feel I am able to see my choice as a step in a career trajectory which is richer in detail with his input.

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Coaching an ambitious young lawyer who then changed his job for more money and a better lifestyle

Coaching an experienced financial services expert to transition from employment to self-employment

Coaching a voluntary sector public relations professional to get a previously denied promotion and new position

Coaching a copywriter to gain a qualification, manage her time better and develop a parallel career in media

Coaching a senior executive to split his time between executive director duties and family carer duties

Coaching a successful small business owner to expand his business within the UK and internationally

Coaching a team of 15 managers to work better with each other and then with their teams


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