AB- Solicitor

“I started seeing Wyn when I was skirting burnout and feeling very ready to move out of my current job. I knew the options before me and the limitations I faced, and I needed someone with the requisite distance to help me think through them in a structured way. Wyn fitted the bill perfectly. I found Wyn’s method to be just right: pushing one to consider all options thoroughly, and from all angles – from the big picture to the everyday – but always gentle and supportive, and using a variety of techniques. He also draws on a wealth of relevant experience from his career as an employment lawyer. Wyn is a terrific listener and remembers even minor details of conversations from weeks prior, so you get the sense that he is someone who is genuinely invested in you. Thanks to Wyn, I feel I am able to see my choice as a step in a career trajectory which is richer in detail with his input.”

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