SS – Media Professional

“Prior to my sessions starting with Wyn, I was quite nonchalant about whether coaching would make any difference to my situation. What Wyn made me realise was that for every big dream achieved, it starts with one baby step. And though we are quick to overlook those small steps, Wyn also made me realise the importance of giving oneself a pat on the back after those small achievements as this can do wonders for you psychologically and mentally. When the smallest step might seem insurmountable on those bad days, Wyn will go one step further and by mutual agreement, will send you that reminder text, much like a nudge, to get you up and running. My to-do list is the proverbial arm’s length x 2, but with Wyn help, I have managed to cross a few things off. Like the world’s finest athletes who all need that push or encouragement to persevere when things seem daunting, I find that Wyn has the tools & the temperament to tweak my approach so that I can see positive changes, and though I am a work-in-progress, I am certainly getting there!

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